Tsurumi clinic

Tsurumi clinic

Our missions are our patients’ ‘complete cure’ and ‘preventive healthcare’

Introduction of the Director of Tsurumi Clinic

I spend plenty of time on each medical examination. Our treatments are to cure our patients rigorously and essentially (nutritional guidance, supplement guidance, hormesis, etc.).

Introduction of the
Director of Tsurumi Clinic

Medical Treatment Policy

We integrate Western medicine and Eastern medicine and try to cure illnesses with our patients enjoying their advantage. We spend plenty of time on each medical examination. Our treatments are to cure our patients rigorously and essentially (nutritional guidance, supplement guidance, hormesis, etc.).

Medical Treatment Policy

About medical treatment

The treatment of Tsurumi Clinic is based on “immune enhancement” and “improvement of cause.” We try to refrain from using anticancer drug, radiation therapy or medicine as much as possible, considering the risk of side effects. We offer proper treatments and advices depending on patients’ symptoms.

About medical treatment

The objective of Tsurumi clinic is the ‘complete cure’ and ‘preventive healthcare’ of our patients.

“Alternative medicine,” which substitutes the conventional medicine-dependent treatment, is making daily progress. The treatment of Tsurumi Clinic is based on “Tsurumi Method immune treatment,” which Dr. Takafumi Tsurumi established having studied nutrition, and it pursues complete cure by strengthening immune system, which is originally in our body. We spend plenty of time on each patient and resolve the root cause of the disease, applying various kinds of physical therapy and nutrition.

We have many successful cases in improvement of terminal cancer and intractable diseases. We apply the most advanced nutrition, taking advantage of our solid international and domestic networks, and strive to achieve our patients’ “complete cure” and “preventive healthcare.”

Tsurumi clinic

Introduction of the Director of Tsurumi Clinic

Striving together with our patients to cure illnesses by integrating Western and Eastern medicine enjoying their advantage.

Tsurumi Clinic, the Director Takafumi Tsurumi
Tsurumi Clinic, the Director Takafumi Tsurumi

Tsurumi Clinic, the Director Takafumi Tsurumi

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan in 1948

Graduated from Kanazawa Medical University and interned in Hamamatsu University School of Medicine. Worked in several hospitals after internship, only to find the limit of Western medicine. Encountered the enzyme nutrition while pursuing various alternative medicines. Then, started his study in the field and established the Tsurumi Method immune treatment.

Since the interview and exam takes three to four hours for each patient, the number of patients he takes per day is limited.

He proposes not only fasting menu (semi fasting) based on enzyme nutrition, but also physical therapy with an ore energy bed which radiate hormesis (a small amount of radiation), ore sauna bath and an acoustic chair. Instillation therapy such as hydrogen, vitamin C, etc., and prescription of a supplement developed originally and improved in quality. People from abroad, as well as in Japan, come for treatment.

He has been energetic in his writing in various fields, such as cure cases, nutrition and diet recipe. His book on enzyme nutrition is a long-selling book, highly regarded for expertise in the field.

Treatment Policy

”Improve the root cause.” This is a medical treatment tackling the cause. The treatment aim of our clinic is to eliminate active oxygen.

”Improve the root cause.” This is a medical treatment tackling the cause. Medical doctors must cure diseases, but the approach of treatment varies depending on each doctor. What makes a good doctor is whether he/she can find the cause of the disease and guide the patient to complete cure. “Elimination of cause” and “Improvement of energy(immunity)” Tsurumi clinics have been successful in the treatment of our patients by applying the above two approaches. These may be a little different from the conventional approach of modern medical care.

Tsurumi Clinic, the Director Takafumi Tsurumi

Modern medical care deserves high evaluation in many aspects, such as improvement of methods of medical examination, topical treatment like cataract surgery or LASIK(laser-assisted surgery for near sight), surgery, or emergency medical care. When properly used, these can be effective. While there are effective treatments like the above mentioned, there are also critical short-comings in modern (Western) medical care. One of them is that it is not effective against chronic diseases (lifestyle-related diseases). Another is that it cannot prevent diseases. For example, for patients with high blood pressure or diabetes, doctors always prescribe chemical medicine (antihypertensive) in Western medical care, and the patients must continue taking the antihypertensive.

Medical care for chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease follows the same procedure. What will happen to patients who continually take medicine? There is a risk of side effects and even a residual disease (new disease). This seems wrong. Can we call this a complete cure?

There is an interesting research result.
A research on high blood pressure in Finland showed that there was a great difference in the results between the group who took antihypertensive and the one who did not. In ten years, many of those who took the medicine showed a symptom of dementia, while only a few of those who did not showed signs of the symptom. Once again, I do not believe that every kind of medicine provide negative effects. Some new antihypertensives have fewer side effects. Tsurumi clinic, however, do not depend on these medicines but take a different approach to support our patients to cure their diseases.

My method of examination

As mentioned earlier, I have been skeptical about the medical treatment with excessive prescription for more than thirty years.

“Why do other doctors prescribe such medicine with side effects?”
“Why do other doctors give such short-sighted medical treatment?”

I became so suspicious of this conventional medical treatment that I quit working in a college hospital and started alternative medicine on my own. After many twists and turns, I found myself making progress as a medical doctor. What does “progress” mean for a doctor? It simply means that you become able to cure more patients.

Tsurumi clinic does not give up even on terminal cancer patients. We recently have had more cases of complete cure.

Tsurumi Clinic, Takafumi Tsurumi

The main three reasons are as follows:

1. More supplements to activate the immunity of intestine, where 70% of all immunity of the human body is concentrated, have been developed.

2. We use an effective hormeses sheet. It expels accumulated heavy metal from our body with sweat to detox effectively without affecting the patients’ health.

3. We give our patients a well-balanced, good quality diet instruction. Bad food only creates a disease, while good food makes us healthy. It is especially important to cleanse blood and have stable bowel movement.

Each one of the three reasons are very important, but what is more important is to eliminate the cause. Bad diet is of course the main cause. You cannot cure your disease taking poison into your body. High stress in daily life, disorderly life style, electromagnetic waves, smoking and alcohol are all serious causes.
Only by eliminating causes and strengthening immune system can you cure your disease.

Tsurumi clinic’s specific medical treatment procedures as below

1. Fasting (full-fasting, semi-fasting) / 2. Healthy diet based on enzyme nutrition treatment  / 3. Instruction to expel toxic substances / 4. Improvement of life style, maintaining a regular meal time and bed time. / 5. High quality supplements / 6. Hyperthermia, such as hormesis sauna or bed / 7. Instillation therapy, such as high concentration vitamin C or Hydrogen

The treatment aim of Tsurumi clinic is to eliminate active oxygen. We mainly employ hormesis, supplement and instillation therapy, with antioxidant effect. A disease is caused by oxidation of the human body, which explains why we become well and healthy by taking antioxidant substance in our body. We have cases of great improvement in cure rate of cancer owing to synergistic effects of all above.

Our Treatment

We offer proper treatments and advices depending on the patients’ symptoms.

The treatment based on “immune enhancement” and “improvement of cause.”

The treatment of Tsurumi Clinic is based on “immune enhancement” and “improvement of cause.” We try to refrain from using anticancer drugs, chemotherapy or medicine, because the risk of side effects is concerned. We offer proper treatments and advices depending on patients’ symptoms.

Treatment Procedure and its Contents

The following is the flow of our treatment procedure, from your visit to the checkout, and the treatment contents.

Those who are new to us is kindly asked to fill in a questionnaire and measure your weight. If you have a referral, blood data, or a record of clinical history, please present them at the front desk.


  • Medical interview
  • Advice on your diet and lifestyle
  • Organize fasting menu
  • Prescribe supplements


  • Metatron
  • Measurement of BV age
  • Examination of blood flow
  • Examination of hair(trichoscopy)
  • Examination of environmental pollutant
  • Examination of IgG
  • Examination of Helicobacter pylori
  • Examination of CTC
The examination items with asterisk is optional.

Blood drawing
Blood drawing

If you have your blood test data, please present it.

Physical therapy, instillation therapy
Physical therapy, instillation therapy

  • Hormesis sauna
  • Hormesis energy bed
  • Acoustic chair
  • Artesunate intravenous
  • Vitamin C intravenous
  • Hydrogen intravenous

Explanation from nurse
Explanation from nurse

Before the checkout, a nurse will explain to you the followings: any questions you have about Dr. Tsurumi’s consultation, specific fasting guidance and detailed explanations on supplements. A brief explanation will take about 15 minutes and a detailed one will take about one hour. you may choose either one.


For those who are new to the clinic, the whole treatment procedure will take about four to five hours, due to the thorough interview of your medical condition and proper treatment. Please be notified of this when you schedule your visit.

1-7-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032 Nagai Building 4F
Phone number: +81-3-3553-7710
Reception hours / 9:30 to 18:00
Closed day / Sunday / Monday / Public holidays

Nearest station
◆About 3 minutes on foot from Hibiya Line "Hachichobori" station A5 exit
◆About a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kayabacho" Station Exit 2
◆About an 8-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and Ginza Line "Nipponbashi" Station D1 Exit